Sunday, April 06, 2008

Experiences Change Perspectives.

How we view anything from daily life routine and people's actions to the religion and the world are based on past experiences. People or events that had impacted us, and have either strengthen our beliefs or turned it 180 degrees around. But nonetheless, it does bring impact on one's view of life.

Whatever i'm going to write now, may not be connected with the statement above, but it could be adorable and later, indirectly insult some female readers out there. Do keep this in mind, i'm not targeting anyone in this entry.

Last week, i stumbled upon this hungry little black kitten on the way back from work. I picked it up, and stroked it a few times meowed all the way. It's really cute.

I fed it some biscuits, which was consumed faster than you can say, "Isn't precious very, very adorable?"

I left it there, and headed home as the day was getting dark, hoping to see it another day.

Small cute fellow.

The next day, and the following days, i failed to find the little kitty, even when i walked a further around the area looking for it. Perhaps it has gone somewhere else. Perhaps it was hiding and decided not to come out no matter what the cost. Perhaps it has met its maker.

But nevertheless, it was gone, leaving me feeling disappointed and wishing i had did something.

But not only this cat, but many other cats who i've seen and touched or fed, gave me this impression - that girls are like cats.

In what sense, you ask? Well, they have some sort of elegance and style. They're both adorable, beautiful and can be manja at times.

But the main reason why i keep associating girls with cats is because they will come to you when they need something from you. But once they've achieved their goal, they will just ignore you, leaving you disappointed, if not heart-broken. You can call it selfish, but aren't we all like that?

Precious, she's just not much bigger than my hand.

I'm sorry for not being fair to many of you female readers out there. I'm sorry if you felt offended or perasan about this matter. But i had this weird point of view ever since i met that girl who disabled my right arm last year. Yeah, more than a year ago. She was the first to cast the stone.

But as much as i don't want to hate her, i believe both of us not contacting each other is the best thing lah. I don't blame her for not replying my email or SMSes. It would be the best for the both of us.

I'm trying to look at the view after the rain, and it's beautiful. It is.

The view of the sky and the ocean from my office pantry; just beautiful.

"Wrap my arms around your name
Feel your breath against my pain
As i breathe out
The past is gone
Empty smile
Naked heart
Who I was, falls apart
When you're here
Inside of me
Feel till your numb
Depth perception becoming
The new deaf and dumb

I'm losing myself just to find a place in your mind
In your mind
Changing myself, just to stand alone in your eyes
In your eyes
Pull me in, take me out, make me over..."

Taken from Lifehouse's Make Me Over

Love & Peace!~



.:dewgem:. said...

*hugs bernard*

no offense taken :P

But do take care of yourself k? And just let go and let God about the girl who disabled your right arm. Cliche, maybe He's got a purpose but I will not rub it in like a nagging priest.

I'm here to give you a big beary online hug on behalf of myself and david :)

Hope to see you soon!

Jo-Anne said...


no offense too:)

And although I don't know what happen between you and the girl that disabled your arm, you know what, I somewhat agree with you:)

Take care.

BlurChu? said...

Thank you, Dewgem, Jo-Anne and David!

I some what let go of her already. And yes, i believe it was something i had to go through myself. It was no accident.

Like David say, sometimes closure is what you determine yourself. I buy that.

You all take care too!


kt said...

aaawwww!!! wat a cute kitty!!!

sorry, dat was my honest 1st reaction 2 ur post coz i like animals. anyway, everything in life happens for a reason... God's reason; which is always good! :)

Am much older than u so finally can say i ate salt more than u ate rice to know that! :p

thanx 4 d congrats-wishes!

BlurChu? said...

Thanks a lot, Soon-to-be-Mrs-Looi!

I believe God has greater plans for me lah... so, me have no vengeance against her or God.

And yeah, the kitty is darn cute.


Foong said...

Girls are like cats????????????????

One black cat does not mean all cats are black. Get it?

Anyway, time will heal all and though I am not directly offended by this statement, but you should just put this aside and look forward.

BlurChu? said...

No no no....

They are not BLACK cats... just, cats?

And thanks, err... 'Foong' for the advise! Will stand up and look forward!