Friday, April 04, 2008

Fined for Speaking Subconsciously!


It wasn't until recently when my boss here in Penang poined out that i've been doing something subconsciously, which was a suprise to me.

"Bernard, you keep saying basically, in almost every sentence you say," she told me.

Thus, the Bernard-must-not-say-the-taboo-word fund came to existence yesterday. Fundamentally, each time i say the taboo word, i have to pay 50 sen.

Hmmm... perhaps as said in the Johari window, it's part of my that i don't know that other people knows. Do you agree?

Essentially, i use that word a lot in my conversation, and i don't really use it a lot in writings, even in my blog entry. Perhaps, it's a informal way to address or explain an issue?

Up to date, i've paid about RM2.50.

In a nutshell, i digress.

Love & Peace!~



Carmel said...

U actually had to pay aaa??? so sad la... :)

BlurChu? said...

Yes, Carmel!

Essentially, i'm putting money into that fund.

I'm trying to break that habit, if i could!



Sharon said...

Fundamentally is synonymous to basically =Pp

BlurChu? said...


Thanks for informing me about that, Sharon!

I hope they don't go fining me for 'fundamentally' also! HAHAHA!~


cheebeen said...

r u being influenced by wing hooi?hahaha~~~

BlurChu? said...

Oh... Been!~

You maybe right! I subconsciously followed him! OH NOOO!~


izzitlyh said...

i dont think there's anything wrong with saying 'basically' ... though, if you start EVERY sentence with it..then yea, i guess that can be reduced. =P but i read somewhere that it's characteristic of Malaysians to love using the word 'basically', especially in speech. i'm guilty of it at times as well~

BlurChu? said...

Oh, Yi Huieh!~

I think i do say it in ALMOST every sentence i say, when i try to explain about something.

Me trying my best to reduce that... i rarely say it nowadays. I even think twice before saying it. HAHAHA!~

The fine still stands at RM2.50!


siaosiao said...

I'd agree with your BOSS! Wahahahah! Cos you do use the word "basically" ALOT. And because you talk too fast, I tend to ignore that word..maybe if you catch me on my cranky days, I might end up making a big fuss over 'basically'. Basically, you need to work harder to process your sentences before you say something the next time...Heehee. Hahahahaha :P Me can't help it :P

BlurChu? said...


Really ah? I knew it! Like, i say, i subconsciously say it one time to often! And i talk too fast too, Siaosiao?!

Anyway, fine still stands at Rm2.50!