Monday, April 14, 2008

More views from here.

More pictures to describe my life here on the Island.

Last month, i went splurging on original (yes, the real deal!) music CDs. And I think i've bought about four good CDs... and one horrible house/trance compilation CD. The ones worth getting were the other four CDs which were best hits CDs, including Jamiroquai, Jim Brickman, Creed and Fat Boy Slim. Money well spent here!

Thanks to my careless colleague of mine in KL, i had to purchase a new thumbdrive. The bad news is i had to purchase a thumbdrive. The good news is the new 2 Gigabytes Kingston thumbdrive i purchased is almost one-third the price of my own thumbdrive i bought three years ago and it has 8 times the capacity! A blessing in disguise, i may add!

Putu Mayam! Don't know why it's called string hopper in English, since it does not hop but it's stringly with the vermicelli content lah! Whatever it's called, you can't go wrong with this cheap and simple dish coated with brown sugar (and grated coconut).

This is like what we had back in Ampang... Ramlee burger! I would normally order this comfort food with extra onions, without cucumber. But for the same taste, it's slightly more expensive here. I wonder why?

To my dear readers (read: Nigel!), i've finally tasted and eaten the Char Koay Teow opposite where i stay in Lorong Selamat! All this while i did not had the chance to eat here... and i manage to do so last weekend. And for RM6.00, it was served with three big prawns, cockles, egg and taiwanese sausages. Wouldn't be the best one i had, but it was okay lah.

Don't play with fire! This was the street performer who entertained the masses at Gurney Drive for money. Perhaps he didn't listen to the advise on playing with this dangerous substance. But for donations were given to him, and hopefully not for his medical bill for burns! But he's a heck on an entertainer, a fire starter!

It was only yesterday, when i needed to go to Bukit Mertajam to get my assignment done, that i took a ferry. It has been almost a decade since i set on one of these water vehicles, and it felt good! The wind blowing in your face as the ferry sails away. It's simple awesome!

Komtar from a ferry's point of view!

This is what my colleagues and i gave our boss, Regina (pic) on her last day today. Not only did we spent her lunch at the Fish Head Curry shop at Jones Street, but we bought her a farewell gift - a necklace and two earrings. We will miss you, and i would want to learn more from you. Perhaps we will meet again in the future?

Love & Peace!~



B.H. said...

Seriously, it wasnt d bst ckt u ever had? I think u would be hard pressed to find a better one. Then again I haven't tried it, merely heard plaudits.

BlurChu? said...

Well, for me i put cost first, and it's too darn expensive lah.

I think Sisters' CKT is somewhat better... although it's RM5.

You should try it lah, B.H.!