Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mobile phone risk.

It's not a surprise lah.

Ever since handphone have been increasingly popular nowadays, it's not uncommon that using it too often can somewhat damage your brain or cause cancer.

I recently received this e-mail, and in the picture, it's stated how the radiation from the handphone (which is fairly very, very low) can cook your brain like a mircowave oven.

What's more interesting what the statements attached with this picture in the forwarded e-mail sent to me. It said "Talk less on mobile phone" and had this shaky advise:

"Please use left ear while using cell (mobile), because if you use the right one it will affect brain directly. This is a true fact from Appollo medical team."

How true this advise is? I have no idea. But in order to findout the reliablility of it, get two friends to carry out this theory:
Ask one of them (Subject A) to use the handphone with the right ear, while the other (Subject B) with left ear. You yourself can participate by being the control sample of the experiment (use loudspeak mode or hands-free set.) Then, see who kicks the bucket first. (The trick here is that it may take years or even decades, but it's enough to fuel curiousity, eh?)

So, if you discover that:

a. Subject A goes off first, theory's definately right!

b. Subject B goes off first, theory has been disproven!

c. All three subjects A, B and C develops cancer and dies, handphone is bad for health!

Though there are many variables to be taken into account, it doesn't really matter. The straight forward point is too much of something is bad for your health, even water and soya bean milk.

So, i guess the safe thing to do is to either just send sms, speak over the conventional house telephone, chat online or send e-mails to one another. But then again, i heard of a rumour that over exposure to the computer monitor bleeds your eyes away....

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Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

okay Dr.Bernard why don't you use your phone on your left year and Jeremy on his right ear and sui li or angeline use the speaker mode and will see who is in trouble.......

LynX said...

Like all those other "health scares", there's no conclusive evidence to suggest a direct connection.

Though you shouldn't have a mobile phone sticking to your ear for hours anyway...

BlurChu? said...

Oh, Oliver... now you got Handphone can talk like that lah! And why should i risk myself when i can use you as a Subject?!

And i agree with you, Alex! And putting a handphone on your ear a minute too long burns!