Monday, January 16, 2006

Friday the 13th, again!

Once again, i'm blogging about Friday the 13th. I may not like the number 13, but i'm indeed not triskaidekaphobiac, paraskavedekatriaphobiac or friggatriskaidekaphobiac.

ON that particular Friday last week, nothing terrible happened to me. I attended my tutorial classes, went for Youth Combined in the evening, tired scaring the daylights John Reuben before sending him, Jeremy, Adrian and Edwin home, and hitting the sack after reaching home. Now, it doesn't sound as horrifying has having the car batteries die on me as i'm typing this entry, waiting for Rowen to pick me from the campus. What got my spine chilling was what i watched Jamie's School Dinners.

I can't believe the kids in school would go for greasy, fast food rather than healthy food like girlled chicken with spices and pasta. And spicy chicken wrap; what's wrong with that? Apparently, the boy whom Jamie Oliver offered the wrap to dislike and hated it just at the sight of it. That was totally outragous! But you know what's more outragous than that? Kitchen ladies having no basics in cooking!

But then again, it reminded me about how was when i was a kid. I hate veggies, even now! But slowly, i'm learning to appreciate the taste and the properties it has. Now, i eat veggies on my own without being told to! Well, i guess we should appreciate what food we can eat, eh?

Imagine the horrors of not eating. Now, THAT's phobic.

Can you say "yummy?"

Love & Peace!~


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