Thursday, January 12, 2006

Of simple living and PDAs

Until this day, i'm wondering on what kind of PDA (that's Personal Digital Assistant for you cave man) to use.

I'm currently using Justin's Sony Clie for the moment. The Clie PEG-SJ33 to be exact. Apparently, Sony has ceased the production of Clie, or so i heard. But it's ok for a newbie PDA user like me. I'm currently using it to store information, notes, reminders and listening to MP3s. Though, i'm still trying to adapt to its functions, i'm currently listening to a Naruto ending theme on it now. And listening to it and other MP3s in the PDA was what i was doing this week since it went cuckoo last week and all my other info got wiped out in the process.

And by the way, Justin was right. Between PocketPC and Palm OS, i definately say Palm is much simpler and straight forward in using it. So, i'm considering now to get one with Palm OS.

On Wednesday, Edwin took a look at the PDA. I thought him how to play Bejeweled while we were killing time. Instantly, he was hooked to it while we were at the Christian Fellowship booth in PA Block. And to my horror, he beat my high score! Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

Anyway, Edwin seems to be content with his handphone and of course, his laptop. He still owns a Nokia 6510, and don't have a complain about it. I think he mention something like, "if you have an advance color screen handphone, does that make you a more efficient handphone user than me?" or something along those lines.

And that make sense. I'm still happy with the mobile phone i have, even with the occasional hiccups. Let's list down the basic function of a handphone lah:

1. To receive/make phone calls
2. To receice/send messages via SMS

Then, there're freak addition to the handphone (freak as in unnecessary in marketing term lah). And apparently, there are among the must have spec before buying a handphone. Check it out:

3. Colour Screen
4. Radio/MP3 (used to listen to the radio on my handphone before my handset when haywire)
5. Truetones or MP3/Wav. file ringtones
6. Camera
7. Touch screen a.k.a. PDA funtionality

With the increase of technology in mobile phone and electronics, how can one not be affected by it? But i remember what my friend told me about PDAs, laptops, Internet and such devices. IF these technolgies are invented to save us time and energy, when is it that we're always rushing around with limited time in our hands?

Let's just reflect on that: Think of your grandparents time and now. Apparently, they don't have the computer, satelite TV or handphone. Yet, their life seems to be ok. But look at us; with all these gadgets, we seem to be always rushing for time, and have too much work to do. Funny, eh?

Till now, i'm still thinking of getting a PDA. It'll be my digital dictionary, bible, entertainer, etc in one device. So, could anyone give me a suggestion/advice on what to buy?

The Palm m105. My dad got this from a lucky draw (or was it for being the best agent of the year a few years back?) And when my dad handed me this old PDA a few days ago, i immediately thought of Tan Sri P.Ramlee. What does the two have in common? Black and white! (though technically, the screen is greenish)

That's just plain nostalgic! But it's a tragic that this PDA is non-color one.

The HP Ipaq PocketPC H1940. Recently, i lended this to Justin, and he seems to be happy with it. Only problem is that he took the cover off, and my dad wasn't thrilled finding out that it is in his hands. *sigh*

The Sony Clie PEG-SJ33 that i'm currently using. Cool, eh? So, what PDA should i get now?

Love & Peace!~



MĠN said...

so-called by BLURchu?. Hey! I love Bejeweled... =P Lol. What was Ed's hi-score?

BlurChu? said...

Yes, so-called MEGAN!

It's a cool game! Text Twist is cool as well.

Edwin's high score was 100k plus. I manage to go up to 200k, but when Justin sync-back the old programs, my high scores got deleted. *ARGH!*


joan said...

Perhaps the Palm OS is easier to use. But handwriting recognition on PocketPC is better. But that's not my main point. My main point is: HP's after-sales service is SUPERB!! So, for that reason, I've stuck to HP all this while and it's never let me down. Also, buying a PDA is never a regret. It is one of the best things I have ever done with my money.

BlurChu? said...

Hmm... me not so into handwriting. And thanks for the tip, Joan. Another friend of mine recommended HP as well. But then again, let's see where my budget goes lah.