Saturday, January 07, 2006

A long marathon: The beginning of a sophomore.

Running a marathon is a tricky thing. Not only do you need to endure a long duration of running and keep in mind that there are hundreds running side by side with you, but there's a finish line. Where there are those who are knocked out in the middle of the game, there are those who pass through the line proudly, although he/she may be in the hundred and twenty seventh place. But everything begins with the first step.

As of this semester, i'm a sophomore pursuing my degree in Journalism. And my last class for the week has just ended. This week was a wacky one lah.

Not only was it the first week of the semester for most of the students here in UTAR, but it was orientation week for the freshmen. And being the treasurer of the Telematch and Ice-breaking Committee, I was busy (and still am with the loads of receipts i have!) With last minute changes and improvisation on Wednesday (the event day) itself, we manage to control probably the largest crowd that had appeared for telematch. In my opinion, things went a little out of hand in order (Read: controlled chaos.) Now, i'm just waiting for the post-mortem meeting for it, hoping to receive good reports overall.

Studying again after slacking for more than three months during the semester break isn't easy. We need to re-tune ourselves on lectures and tutorial homeworks and focus now on what is important: getting better grades!

This week, i got to know most of my lecturers. I see some new faces and some familiar ones. This week, i got to meet again with my classmates whom most of them i haven't seen since last year! And i have Saturday classes (Ouch!) Boy, do I smell a challenge is coming as we enter the next week. I guess all of us need to pick up our pace in studying.

I really need to stay alert and be more hardworking this time around. Slacking time is over, and there is work to be done.

Afterall, to walk a good marathon is to complete it, no matter how slow you maybe.

Love & Peace!~


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