Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year That Was 2005.

Just a small note before i start my blog:
I was chasing black rabbits 4 am in the morning! Plus, i wasn't high, drunk or stoned at that time. Perhaps it belongs to some neighbour of mine, because chances of spotting rabbits on the street that early in the morning is the same as discovering a koala bear in your backyard in Malaysia or a tiger on the road. That explains why i was late for practice this afternoon. NOW, back to the main entry....

As the minutes passes by we're nearing the end of the year 2005. And as it goes by, 2006 will arrived to be ushered. So, let's look back into our lives: what happened in the pass 364 days since 2005 began? Anything significant or remarkable?

The year 2005 was something to me. Good and bad things had a share of play in my life this year, thus dull and boring doesn't describe what this year meant to me. I dare say 2004 isn't as cool as 2005. Many events had happened this year, and these are the ten events that i would like to share with you readers:

1. Re-entering UTAR

After being a dropout from my university, i've decided to re-enter the university again; only this time i'm entering as a new student in a different course and starting afresh. And since almost none of my ex-classmates from Business Admin course read this blog, i just want to say that being in Journalism rocks big time, and it's definately much lively than being in BA!

Not only did i perform better here, but i get t know crazy, funky, helpful and out-going friends/classmates now. Perhaps being in this course has been my calling all this while. Having a second chance here means a lot to me.

2. Shifting to Sri Petaling

I did not a want to, but now i've to submit. I'm now no more staying in Bukit Indah, but in Sri Petaling. No more being near to Justin, Edwin, Kevan, Jeremy, Megan, Ashleigh, John Reuben and the other youths, but nearer to my campus, Mid-Valley Megamall and friends in CF.

Do i miss Bukit Indah? Yes, i miss this place i called home ever since i was in Standard 3. But i guess as time passes by, people and circumstances change. Change maybe uncertain and scary, but we had to face it; one way or another.

3. Turning 21

This is one stage of live everyone living will pass. Being 21 means i'm an adult, though i don't feel like being one anytime soon. But sooner or later, i need to shed this childish image of mine and ambrace manhood when it's most needed.

4. Celebrating Chinese New Year without My Family

While my dad and two brothers were out celebrating Chinese New Year this year with another family in Melaka, i decided not to join them. One reason was because i had a heap of workload to do, and the other was i didn't feel like it at that time.

Fortunately, Justin's family welcomed me with arms wide open to celebrate it with them. I was honoured to do so, and i might add, had enjoyed myself getting to know them more, and more of their family members.

5. The Depature and Return Of Justin

Yup, Justin did leave us for (a better) place to pursue his studies; Australia.

At that time, i missed my one of my closest buddies. I missed the time where we hangout at the mamak stall. I missed the time we chatted till the wee hours of the day. I missed the deep, non-superficial talks, debates and conversations we had. Those were the times.

But know, for those still unaware, he's back! Yes, Justin is now back, with a whole load of stories and experience to share, a degree and a girlfriend (surprise, surprise is not a caucasian!)

6. Twice bitten, no shy!

This year, i was beaten by two different dogs. Not fun. Thank goodness i'm rabies-free, though i didn't visit the doctor have being bitten in the two incidents.

7. Learning to Give; it's Christmas

Yup, this year i learn to give than to receive. Although i've received presents like candy-canes, a Naruto key-chain, a squishy face thingy and a soft toy snail, i've gave presents to my cell group members and christmas cards to other church members that i'm close to.

It seems that what is stated in the Bible is true: It's better to give than to receive! And boy, despite spending a lot of money in the gifts and cards, i forgot how much i spent and felt great giving them those gifts and seeing the look on their faces after they open their presents. After all, didn't God gave us His only son, Jesus Christ, so that whomever who believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16)?

8. Leading a group of carollers

Leading them all by myself for two nights were scary, stressful and challenging. But at the end, it was all worth it!

9. Cars

My dad got us more cars (not the toy one, mind you) for us this year. So, guess how many cars we have this year. Not one, not two, but FIVE CARS!

Yes, five cars, four Protons and a Mercedes. Though all the Protons are second hands, i guess my dad was out for quantity than quality(?) Perhaps my dad wants to come out with a second hand car rental store? I can imagine the signboard now:

Cheah & Sons Motors.

10. NO barber/saloon visits!

HAHAHA!~ All hair lovers unite. No scissors or shaver has touched my head yet this year, and i intend to keep it that way. If i ever were to visit a hair saloon, it's to get a funky haircut or getting a dreadlock.

In a nutshell, 2005 to me it's about second chances, redemption, trying new things and change. But now, as the new year approaches, let make an impact in our lives as we come face to face with the unseen future.

So long, 2005.
Hello, 2006.

Love & Peace!~


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