Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Rojak Series #9

With a few entries still pending and too much to tell, i guess i'll just have to summarise what i want to say into a TRS:

1. Internet-less in Sri Petaling

Old news, but people around me have no idea about it. I can't update my blog, check my e-mails or go surfing! Plus, i've not use MSN Messenger for months now. That's just frustrating!

But then again, since i'm online now, i'm making the most of it by typing out this entry, and checking my e-mails. No time to chat lah, sorry.

2. H.U.G.E Camp 2005 ROCKED!

Yes, it really did!

Held in Melaka from 12th - 15th of December, the youths from church really had a great time! I'll really, really try and make an entry for this event. But what i can tell you now is that i met old and new friends, had fun with the youths, fell sick, and i the song"these boots are make for walking" is really an eye-opener at the camp.

3. Was sick

I was sick at camp. After breakfast, on the last day of camp to be exact. I nearly threw up, and had to sleep through the last session of the camp. That means i missed the last praise and worship session, last presentation(s), last sermon and the prayer tunnel.

At first i thought it was muscle fatigue, but later discovered it was food-poisoning. It seems like the symptoms i developed (headache, body-ache, nausea, fatigue, fever) was the same as the ones that many other campers had throughout the camp. Looks like it's my third time having a fever this year, only this time, it wasn't caused by my throat, but the water/dirty dishes in camp!

Fortunately, the fever was gone on Thursday itself, got my energy back and feeling much better. Unfortunately, i'm having a sore throat now. Hoping it doesn't spawn a fever, again!

4. Bitten, again!

Alwin Hoo's dog bit me last Sunday evening. Probably thanks to Oliver, for suggesting us to go to his place to get some MP3s. This time, not only did it bit me in the leg, but my right index finger as well. Still, it doesn't interfer with my typing and my love for animals. And i still haven't develop any rabies symptoms, yet!

5. Christmas party at the Loo's!

After a the dog bite at Alwin's and later a shower at Oliver's house, we headed down to Daniel Loo's house for the youth Christmas party! The Loo's (i know it sounds wrong, but i don't mean any disrespect to Daniel and his family!) wasn't hard to locate, since i've been to his house before. Yet, Oliver led me to the wrong road.... He'll pay, soon.

Back to the party, it rocked, because they had PIZZA! Well, besides other great stuff like drummets, nuggets, fried rice, and jelly (yum) the fellowship was great too. Over 40 over youths attended the Christmas party.

After the makan, we played a few games. By that time, i figured out how tough is it to get the younger ones to actually listen to you and get the program running. I feel the youth leaders. Though the first ice-breaker, memory cirlce wasn't a success, we had a blast while playing public caning and decorating team maskot/snowman.

Surprisingly, the night didn't end with gift exchange and birthday celebration. Rather, we had flour fight in the end. With both the gates and doors shut, and 5 kgs of flour left with a group of crazy youths, it was pure chaos. The scene was like a snowball fight in winter, only there isn't winter in Malaysia and it was flour instead of snow. Flour was everywhere! People were running everywhere. Chaos was everywhere.

But by 12, we had to stop or risked being public nuinsance. We cleaned ourselves, helped clean up the house and headed back home. After sending Kears, Daniel, Abigail and Seline back to their houses, i headed back home.

Flour was still in my ear after i took a shower a home.

6. Christmas' coming!

Only 5 days to go. There's a caroling team that i'm leading, and some other stuff i haven't done for Christmas yet.

Though i'll only be playing bass for the main service, i've got some other things to do; like buying myself Christmas presents! HAHAHA!~

And speaking of bass, the one in church got busted in the middle of 1st service session last Sunday. Apparently, it's the jack socket at the guitar that has been giving some problem. If Pastor Daniel doesn't get it fixed by this weekend, i'll be bass-less lah! *sigh*

Looks like that's all for this TRS. I've got to run now.

Love & Peace!~



oliver said...

hoi it was you who choose not to follow the map that sis.yoon foon drew and you blame me????????very funny...........

MĠN said...

"These Boots" is actually an old song. Resang by Jessica Simpson recently, & is the absolutely awesome (yet ridiculous) theme song of Growing Up Gotti... U SO have to watch TV more.. =P

BlurChu? said...

Eh, Oliver! You tell me to turn left, ok? Thank goodness i've been there before.

Yeah, me know, Megan. And i have to update this blog!

*sob sob*