Friday, December 09, 2005

A day at work.

It has almost been 10 days since i last worked in the company i used to work in. (i'm not mentioning the name of the company to avoid scrutiny and biasness) People say you'll gain experience in working, regardless of the job. But so far, i think there are 3 things you can pick up from work:

1. You learn more working skills (computer, communicating, technical, etc.)
2. You get to know more people and friends.
3. You hate the overall experience, wishing you didn't take the job in the first place.

From this, i can safely assume that one would either have a good job experience, or a bad one. IMHO, taking the job in the company as a temp data-entry clerk is sort of both good and bad. Read on to know more.

Let's talk about my current condition in my workplace. I work in a room to all myself, with an out-dated Windows 98 OS computer that's efficient enough to run the program i need to use. And it's quiet, except for the occasional loud, annoying voice of the person next door. She's loud! Plus, i could only heard from there. A variety of radio station would be good, but with, i'm not complaining.

Now, let's take a look at the pros and cons of working there. The pros are:

1. I get to keep my long hair.
2. I wear casually to work; cargo pants and t-shirt rocks!
3. It's near my university, where i can access the net via the Internet Lab.
4. The pay is ok (for the work i'm doing.)
5. Collagues are friendly.
6. I can apply for half day any time i want!
7. I learnt how to play SUDOKU there.

Now, the cons:

1. Monotonous, unchallenging and repeatitive job degrades my grey matter.
2. I get tired and sleepy easily. (refer to the above reason)
3. From where i'm working, it gets a little lonely sometimes.

After working in the company for more than a month, i'm ready to kick back, relax and prepare for Christmas. I leave behind a few friends, some great times, and a tonne of work for the other temps to continue on with.

I realise this job isn't for me. Perhaps is for someone who is alright with monotonous, non-challenging typing. Then again, there're all kinds of people around. Maybe i might comeback, during semester breaks. But i definately wouldn't want to do this for life. Period.

"Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you
Work and play but never okay
To mix the way we do"

taken from Work, Jimmy Eat World

Love & Peace!~



Justin said...

I think there is a high chance that your book is still at my house. I remember it being there when I left. *blush* You wish lah... my skin so thick that even if it blushed, you won't be able to see it!!! Hahaha.

Well, what you could do is, tell my brother about it. I'm sure he'll be more than willing to dig it up and pass it back to you. OR... if you are feeling you miss me, can come over to my house and dig it up yourself. The nostalgia is enough for the moment to remind you of me. Nyek nyek nyek...

Man, I've become so evil. Hahaha. Nola. Probably just haven't been evil for a very long time. No one here for me to be evil to. All the rest sure kena hurt wan. So, are you involved in Carolling this year? Kevan's incharge. Is he doing a good job? I bet not. *Snickers*


BlurChu? said...

I've asked your brother already, but he couldn't find it. I'll ask again lah.

Haven't been evil in a long time? Sure or not? And i might come over to your house lah, since your siblings are all by themselves, and probably play a game of DOTA with them! HAHAHA!~