Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Twas The Day(s) After Christmas

The problem with not having Internet access whenever you want, wherever you are is bugging me. Plus, it has delayed this entry which was supposed to be logged in on Boxing day was postponed till now.

As i'm typing this, i'm now in a cyber cafe nearby my house. Having a hungry desire to update this blog and a selfish brother pushed me here. I guess it isn't that bad lah, since i'm actually blogging now.

Below are the events that happened chronologically backwards from today:

Today. (28th Dec)
Got up in Justin's place after staying overnight to watch Macross Zero with Kevan. If you find the storyline a little too complicated, watch it for the graphics. A must watch for mecha fans like Simon Lai!

Spend a little time shopping for groceries before heading home from Justin's. Had to go to Millenium Court in PJ for the Jan 2006 Orientation Telematch meeting. Manage to use the Internet in the campus before heading to MC, but not enough to cut in an entry. Left for home through a surpisingly light traffic after the meeting.

When i was going out for dinner at my dad's place, i realised i forgot to bring my wallet. This means that not only was i cash-less, but i was driving without a license or my I.D.! I panicked from the moment i was driving there till i was back home in the heavy rain. Fortunately, nothing bad happened through the whole ordeal.

After some time watching quality TV, here i am typing this entry.

Yesterday. (27th Dec)
Nothing significant happened during the day time. (Even if there was something significant, i must have forgotten it. Hence, insignificant) Just more TV time. Plan to go to the cyber cafe was scrapped.

Justin called in the evening about the sleepover, which i immediately agreed to. But before heading to Justin's, i first headed to Sher-Mayne's house, where there was a party going on, and there were leftovers (this is where i enter; as a DBKL.) Was surprised to discover that her house was near mine, and easy to locate! Plus, she's a good cook! Love the spaghetti, and Summer's just cute lah!

Later, headed to Justin's for anime (read above)

The day before yesterday. (26th Dec)
It was boxing day.
It was a day after Christmas.
It was the anniversary for the tsunami disaster in Asia that claimed many lives and properties as it went.
It was also the first day of HUGE Camp 2004: Unleashed.
It was also when i was supposed to enter in this entry. *sigh*
It was the day i got up late because i was too tired.

Christmas. (25th Dec)
The day where 2000 years ago, a savior was born to save us all! Ain't it great to know the fact that Jesus Christ died for your sins so that you can enter heaven if you believe in Him?

Anyway, I had only about 3 hours of sleep before i came to church for the usual morning prayers for those involved with the church duty (singing, playing instruments, ushering, etc.) I was shocked to see people rehearsing for the drama for Christmas services at 7.10 am! (I know, some of you are shocked to know i woke up that early....)

The drama was superb, probably because the fact that it was nicely timed, had a strong choir team and i was not involved with them. I guess they really pulled it off this time. But then again, it's to celebrate the reason for the season: Jesus!

What blew most of us was the fact that Justin was in church! Yes, that liar who said he wouldn't be able to make it back to Malaysia this year was in front of us. All the musicians (Kevan, Oliver, Jeremy, Daniel Sim and myself) were then intimidated, since the music expert is back. But it was indeed a relief to see one of my closest buddies back in KL.

After service, we headed for Wangsa Maju for a game of DotA (that's Defence of the Ancients for the clueless). That's when i realised the car air-con had some issues, as Daniel Loo, Nicholas and myself travelled there sweating.

At night, it was the second round of caroling. My group, including myself, wasn't up to par while caroling. Probably it was the fact that we had already carol at our best the night before and we had little rest. But nonetheless, we managed to get it over with and later joined Kevan's team. I finally got to use the snow and party spray properly!

Christmas' Eve. (24th Dec)
Had practice in the morning, since the rehearsal for caroling was in the evening, and we tried not to have a clash in schedule.

In the evening, we all gathered in the cafeteria to practice before we hit the road. I led a bunch of red-t-shirted and eagered youths while Kevan led another. Apparently, he had better control of them than i did.

But as we went singing at all three house, we all had a great time, despite facing glitches like leaving the list of carollers in church and the verses for Scripture Reading.

Unlike the previous years, we did not gather both groups togetherat Pastor Lisa's house at the end of the day because we had get up early the next day for Christmas service and Pastor Lisa had her elderly mom over to rest.

Caroling rocked lah!

Love & Peace!~


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