Monday, December 05, 2005

Something Some Dungu(s) Asked Me To Do.

I've been putting this off for awhile, not because i want to, but i've not Internet connection easily attainable to me. But since i'm on the net now, i should get this done and over with.

Christmas is coming and carolling practices has just started yesterday (it's a little too late, don't you think?) I'm helping Kevan and Oliver in those practices. Looks like we have to work extra hard.

Anyway, below are the list of 7 Things:

7 things that scare me
- Horror movies. (Why pay RM 6 to scare the daylights out of you, let alone getting a pirated VCD version of one?)
- God.
- Losing my hearing and/or sight.
- Losing my hand/arm/fingers that i might not play the bass guitar again.
- Truth(s) that i've been standing on crumble.
- Being unprepared before a presentation of all kinds.
- Myself.

7 random facts about me
- My brothers and i don't look alike.
- While people have 10 toes and 10 toenails, i've 10 toes, but 12 toenails, thanks to my in-grown toesnails operation.
- I'm single and available.
- I don't wear collared t-shirts when i'm out.
- Once i got my head shaved bald!
- I can perform under-stress.
- I enjoy being calm and happy all the time.

7 things I hope to do before I die
- Get married to my girl, and have two kids.
- Travel beyond Malaysia to other countries.
- Make an impact to the people around me.
- Leave behind a legacy.
- Bring my father to Christianity.
- Share the gospel to others.
- See my grandchildren?

7 things that I can do
- Play the bass guitar.
- Draw/doodle pictures and tattoos.
- Make a fool of myself/others in public. (It's a no-brainer skill)
- Write, but not writing poems.
- Sing parts, certain parts.
- Sleep in the middle of a disaster.
- Read notes and source-codings.
- Look cool?

7 people who should fill this out
- Those who read my blog.
- Those who don't read my blog.
- Those whose links are on this blog.
- Basically, you're in one of those three clusters mentioned above, so don't bother guessing if you need to do it or not.
- Refer above, there's just too many names to be mentioned.
- Refer above, many of you should do this.
- Refer above, i'm just plain lazy.

Hmm... i by doing this, i feel like i know myself a little better.

Love & Peace!~



Justin said...

See... the DUNGU helped you know a tad more about yourself. So macha, how have you been lah? Work doing you good? Treating you well? Hope the pay is worth it. Kevan tried his luck by asking me whether I'm coming back for Christmas. Sigh... don't think so la. Really miss you guys.

BlurChu? said...

Err... i didn't say you WERE one of the DUNGUs, but since you admit it, thanks a lot lah!~

I'm now really enjoying my holidays, and looking forward to HUGE Camp! Works out, holidays are in!

Anyway, have you taken my book, NOT EVEN A HINT by Joshua Harris? I'm looking high and low for it.


L.I. Ang said...

oei.. calling me a dungu too lar.. ish ish.. =P

oliver said...

dei u called me dungu is it.......want to kena from me ah....

BlurChu? said...


I didn't mean to, Lai Imm... but if you feel like one, sorry lah!

And Oliver also perasan?! I guess you're one lah, Oliver! HAHAHA!~