Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Parkour... Apa binatang itu? Boleh makan ke?

Haven't heard of that word before? Fret not. Neither did i till i watched CSI: NY recently on satelite TV.

Basically, it's free running, where that person just runs, runs and runs while trying to clear obstacles on the way in the most fluid manner possible, with gymnastic-flexible-like moves. Think Jackie Chan.

Just think how at how reckless and dangerous they are! THEY'RE SO COOL!

I wonder if this sports is active in Malaysia? Perhaps this might catch up here, since we have many youths involved with extreme sports like in-line skating and skateboarding. But then again, the police might see this as a public threat. How many guys on the streets walk without wearing a shirt under the hot sun of Malaysia?

Do check out the following websites for more info about this mind bending and adrenaline accelerating sport:

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