Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i'm away....

well, technically, i'm still here in Sri Petaling, KL. it's just that i would be putting up any entries for awhile. i'm in the midst of my exams period.

all those who are hungry for an entry from me; fast.
all those who are facing the same situation as i am; revise.
all those who are in deperation; turn to Jesus.
all those who are hungry: eat.

speaking of which, it's lunch time for me. and i'm really away now.

Love & Peace!~



natz said...

nice post. haha.

i like that... "all those who are hungry: eat"

my aunt's version is better though - "if you are bored: eat"

oh. and tell Rowen to check his email!

L@iSeng said...

ok! i'll not disturb you....

BlurChu? said...


it makes sense there, Anna. and i've already told Rowen to check his e-mail... i hope he has already checked it.

and you can disturb me now, Lai Seng. hahaha!~