Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Group That Eats Together, Stays Together.

Recently, our HOME Group celebrated the end of the 40 Days of Community program with dinner at Kaki Corner, Taman Billion. We chatted, feasted on chicken meal, and gulped down a lot of juice! While there are others who went on outings and picnics, our group and the other youth groups decided to makanlah. I guess it’s a thing about being a youth and a Malaysian.

What’s the program all about? Basically, it’s a follow-up on the book, 40 Days of Purpose by Rick Warren. And the participants are to use the book, 40-Days of Community, written by him as well. In addition to that, each week, we gather together in a cell group member’s house (in this case, Oliver’s) and watch a video recording of Rick preaching about that week’s message. Basically, the overall theme was about how to help others, people around you since you’re part of a community, in church, the workplace, college, etc.

Last Sunday, it was our turn to take care of the cafeteria, and we had a lot of fun doing it. In between serving hungry patrons and cleaning, we had fun fellowshipping among ourselves and other church members, joke around, taking videos of one another and laughing out loud!

We treated ourselves at a nearby cendol and rojak stall by the roadside. The sun maybe burning down our backs as we all gathered in a table under a small umbrella (and it got more crowded when Kevan and Sis Mei Kee decided to join us later) but a cooling, refreshing bowl of cendol did justice in cooling us down. And perhaps a bottle or two of Kickapoo.

A group of 12 people, sitting by a small table with a small umbrella under a blazing sun. Eating as they fellowship. a nice view, eh?

I guess it’s true; a group that eats together really does stay together. And I love it!

Rowen, giving his quirky smile during dinner at Kaki Corner.

Hmmm... Cendol and Kickapoo on a hot day.

From left: Oliver, myself, Julius with a Starz magazine, Ignatius the Head Honcho, Alwin Hoo, Angeline and Sui Li. Rowen, Ernest and Fergeson were behind the camera. Kevan and Sis Mei Kee were here yet.

Ernest, claming up a fist for Fergeson.

The hardworking stall owners.

Itachi Uchiha key-chain!

Love & Peace!~



Anonymous said...
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oliver said...

cendol so nice............crowded area maybe okay but the weather one minute so hot than all of the sudden started drizzling.....a real bummer..............