Friday, September 30, 2005

28th September: a good thing and a bad one.

On this date, two things happened. While one is good, the other is just plain bad.

The good news is that it's the first aniversary of Sui Li, one of my friend and Home Group member, who has accepted Jesus into her live! Praise the LORD! If i've not mistaken, she accept Christ into her life at the TAR Christian Fellowship Camp last year. And they also celebrated that wonderful news. Not to mention that the angels in heavan are partying over this news!

It's great to hear that a person embraced Christianity, but it's better to hear one who has changed a lot once he/she accepted Christ. And i bet that day by day, God has changed and mold him/her into His likeness. Congratulations, Sui Li!

And here is the horrifying thing that happened. Both Angeline and Sui Li insisted and pester me to blog it. Rowen, Alwin, the girls, the Indian waiter and the other patrons at Steven's Corner witnessed it. It happened when i wanted to pay the bill after celebrating Sui Li's aniversary at Steven's Corner, Pandan Jaya:

Indian guy: sap luk kau pun (RM16.50)
(showing a blur face) ...
Dia tak tahu bahasa cina.
Everyone was laughing...!!!

Indian guy talking chinese(It's kinda normal nowadays) but... Bernard (a chinese) doesn't understand his mother tounge! *oops* hehe...

For more information about the aniversary, do click HERE.

Apparently, the waiters here can speak four kinds of language. And i can only speak two and a quarter (English, Bahasa Malaysia, and the quarter comprises of Hokkien, Cantonese and Mandarin)

I'm a Banana.

Love & Peace!~



natz said...

sigh... the tragedy of our lives. hahahahahahaha.

I know how you feel.

BlurChu? said...

Thanks for the moral support, Anna!

All Bananas unite!


natz said...

YES... *high fives*

eh. You have 'Charlie' ah? I wanna watch lah. No more in cinema dy :(