Saturday, September 24, 2005

Watch Me As I Smile...

It’s a relief! Finally, after weeks of watching cable on a cramped-up 19-inch TV, I get to watch my favorite programs on my original wide screen 32-inch television!

Initially, my dad and I thought that there was a problem with the 32-inch when we installed the Astro decoder. It flickers black and white! Thus, resulting us into viewing our favorite series on the 19-inch. The enjoyment of my brothers and I were as small as the 19-inch; really small.

However, after a trial and error done by the repairman and myself, I’ve discovered that the root of the problem wasn’t the TV; it was the decoder! Apparently, the new decoder was no compatible with the 32-inch.

So, we had to make a sacrifice: viewing the 32-inch tube with the old decoder. Hence, our enjoyment became as big if not bigger that the 32-inch TV!

The crummy new decoder that we can’t use!

On the left: the now, non-functional 19-inch TV. Beside it is the back-to-live 32 inch TV (in full color)!

Love & Peace!~


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