Monday, August 29, 2005

Bad Day, Good Pictures.

* i was suppose to post this entry up a few days ago, but due to unforseen circumstances, i can't. this news isn't timely, but it's worth entering it here.

things haven't been going my way on Friday (26th August) and Saturday (27th August). i didn't manage to go for Homegroup, it rained a little too heavy, i got back home later on Friday, was a little disappointed on how much i could do on both days, working in a new enviroment didn't turnout as expected, and many more complaints.

perhaps that was the plan; God's plan. things that didn't go my way might be God's blueprints for me. it's not what i've been through that really matters. what's important is that i learn something from these few events.

anyway, i've captured a few views which i would like to share with you readers.

to me, looking at these pictures gives me comfort and a feeling of awe, that we have a beautiful, creative Creator: God.

Love & Peace!~


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