Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Rojak Series #8

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a title with a TRS title. The following items are probably outdated, but nonetheless, have a picture attached to them:

Item #1:

Before the exams, i got myself a new pair of sneakers. Apparently, it was below my budget (RM 30), selling at the price of RM 29.90. But when i was about to pay, i realised there was a sales going on, and it had a 30% discount off!

Check it out: it has velcro straps! It has been more than a decade since i last wore shoes with it.

Item #2:

After watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, i continued chewing gum. Apparently, ont everyone enjoy watching this movie. Not because of what happened to Violet, but that the fact it's childish.

What do you think?

Item #3:

I've got bitten by a dog named Rainbow two Saturdays ago at a park. The bruised badly, but that's that. I didn't contract rabies, or developed hyped sense of smell and hearing. Thank goodness i've recovered from it!


Item #4:

Have you seen the Vanilla Coke ad on TV? This is how big that glass is. Got this as a free gift for buying two bottles of Vanilla Coke.

Item #5:

Two Sundays ago, this guy came out on New Sunday Times, and the youths were excited about that picture, showing it to the other youths in church, asking them to keep quiet as they themselves giggle about it.

Last Sunday, i made it into a small sign-card. behind the card, it states:

"It says SHUT UP!"

Item #6:

Rowen actually single handedly destoryed a Perodua MyVi car, while driving on the highway. can you believe what i say?

Observe the following pictures:

Perodua MyVi.


Item #7:

Just Pictures.

Winter in Malaysia. Now, THAT'S COOL!

Cats are cute... even if they are in cages.

Love & Peace!~


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