Saturday, October 01, 2005

Disappointed?: PJ UTAR CF Planning Retreat.

From left, clockwise: Malcolm, Joshua Ng, Lai Seng, Kelvin, me, Joshua Wong, Derick, Jo-anne, Joelle, Michelle, Racheal, Roxanne and Hui Wen.

Disappointed. That’s how Malcolm and I felt when we were in front of the theme park, realizing that not only was it really misty and cold, but most of the cool rides are closed either due to the wet mist or monthly maintenance. Of all the times!

However, that wasn’t at all why we were there in Genting Highlands in the first place. While there are those who were seeking jobs or an adrenaline rush, the whole focus of us going there was to plan Christian Fellowship (CF) activities for the coming semester(s).

A total of 13 PJ CF current and ex-committee members went up there and resided in RIA Apartment on the 19th and 20th of September recently. Despite the fact that it was really windy and foggy when we were there, it did not stop us from fellowshipping and planning. The freezing environment didn’t hinder the fellowship of God’s children. But instead, we got to know each other closer through a series of ice-breakers, worship, jokes and small chats.

Mr Jeffery, one of the CF advisors from Sg Long came later in the evening to not only supply ideas, but food stuff as well. It was a relief to have a wise chaperon to watch over us so that we didn’t go astray.

The planning went on till late at night. Unfortunately, we managed to plan for the coming short semester. But all is not lost as we did throw a lot of ideas around, thus, no time or effort was wasted.

We went down back to KL the next day, and bid each other farewell as we left the bus station, hoping to meet up with one another soon.

In the end, was it the whole ordeal disappointing? With a group of all-fired God-chasers and great friends, I beg to defer!

Youths are known for their tidiness...

Look, even Mr Jeffery (left) is joining us in our ice-breaker!

And at the same time, we've discovered the liability in that game! Hahaha!~

A great time of praise and worship, led by Roxanne.

Our chairperson, Michelle. Stunned is she?

Posing before we headed down to KL.

Love & Peace!~



Jason Silver said...

Well, if the pictures are any indication, it looks like a blast!!

BlurChu? said...

Hey, Jason!

Nice of you to drop by here. And it was indeed a blast!