Monday, August 01, 2005

check them out on AMPLIFIED: POP SHUVIT

POP SHUVIT (from left: Rudy-drums, Moots!-vocals, AJ-bass guitar, Uno-turntable, JD-guitar)

yeah, we were there!

we were there at the POP SHUVIT's secret gig.... i mean, recording for the HITZ.TV Amplified Concert. to know more about AMPLIFIED, click

a bunch of us were present for the recording last Thursday. those who were there are Chew Chin, Eu Wah, Hoi Yen, J.H., Joo, Lily, Mei, Nicholette, Soi Yee, Yen Yen, and myself. and i learned, that Malaysians are always Malaysians lah. say start at 4, we ended up being in the studio at 6 pm. well, it's POP SHUVIT. i guess it was worth the wait lah.

held in Studio 2, PS performed a few songs, among them are Old School Rocka, Journey (with RuffEdge's Zainal) and Conversations. they really rock, infusing pop and rock in their songs. they songs just get better and better. i would like to invest my money on their latest album, HERE & NOW. to check out more about PS, click HERE.

more photos are to come... i need to ask Sandrien, this French girl i met there for more photos. meeting her was another great thing that happened that day! oh, including getting to know Andy, aka Drummer Boy from Latte@8 and drummer of Estrangled.


Love & Peace!~



Justin said...

Oi kawan, I heard you shifted to Sri Petaling already... Iseh... shifting also didn't tell me. Tell you whats worse. When Kevan told me about it, he pandai-pandai went and played a prank on me. Shocked me by saying you shifted to Johor. Tell you... almost killed him. Lol. Anyway, looks like I can no longer look for you at 2am in the morning with a simple 3 minute drive down the road when I get back. Sigh... Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you and also minuming with you guys when I come back.


Wai Sie said...

I'm so freaking jealous. Did you attend their newest "secret" gig at Astro this year. I believe it was in July. Yet again, it's always nice to meet other Pop Shuvit enthusiasts on the internet. Anyone that supports Pop Shuvit deserves a "You rock" from me.

Drop by Pop Shuvit's official network sometime at Who knows you might even bump into to one of the members. Be sure to register.