Monday, August 15, 2005

Rain, rain, come right here!

pictures of the rainy day! lesson here: don't take picures while you're driving.

one word to discribe yesterday: BLISSFUL

it rained yesterday afternoon as i was preparing to return to Sri Petaling after church. but i made a quick dash to Popular in Ampang Point to get some material for my assignment. low and behold, as i was about to step out of the shopping complex, it was RAINING!

yes. this phenomena has not been seen for many, many days ever since the haze was around. click HERE for my pass entry regarding the dreaded haze!

i was really happy, that i didn't even bother to wait for the rain to subside to get to my car. i bet many others were happy as this sign of relief arrived. even THE STAR reported about the incident happening in numorous places, including PJ, that flash floods happened! more inside about it HERE. and i hope you people in Penang are okay.

well, i hope more good things are coming my way. with 4 assignments due this week and a presentation to prepare, i really need to buck up.

GOD, more rain, please?

Love & Peace!~



joshua_entol_85 said...

People in Penang okok only... there was rain here but at night... so we get a goodnight sleep too...

Sui Li said...

no worries... you'll finish ALL the assignments on time..!
all the best ya!

p.s. LOVE the rain.. haha!

BlurChu? said...

eh, it's nice to hear you, Joshua!

it's been ages since i last heard from you. how's things there in Penang, besides the haze. i hope it has toned down.

and yeah, it's all done, Sui Li! everyone loves the rain!~