Friday, August 12, 2005

hazy days

unless you have been staying in the comfort of air-conditioned rock, have not been reading/watching the news, or are currently not in Malaysia, you wouldn't know how the situtation is like here in KL. it has been hazy for the past week.

the haze has been a hazard up to today, since last week. click
HERE, HERE and HERE for more news report taken from The Star Online.

during the day time, it's like the misty fog in Genting Highland. and at night, it's like the fog in London. except it's merely an illusion. this isn't any mist nor foggy, neither is this Genting or London. it's THE HAZE!

one of my fantasies is that Kuala Lumpur would be at least as cold as Genting, if not winter. well, it does look like Genting, but it's hot and dusty, and unheatlhy. this isn't the kind of air you would want to breath in deeply when you wake up first thing in the morning. in a wicked way, God has a sense of humor responding to my dream.

i guess this will be what people will be saying nowadays:

"ah! my face is so dusty. must go back and wash my beautiful face!"
"noooo! my car is so dirty!"
"e-yu! look at Fluffy! how did the cat get so filthy!"
"argh, my clothes not dusty and smelly!"
"can't breath! can't breath!"

hmm... throughout this whole week, a lot has happened. sales of surgical mask shoot up high, schools are close, fishes died, increase in health problems, mamak stalls are not making businesses, etc. i guess the hazy condition has affected many daily routines, but nonetheless, people have the ability to cope with the situation.

but many people have the misconception of the fact it's better to go out at night than the daytime in this situation. well, it's really obivous how polutated the air is during the daytime, but you can hardly see the haze at night. and people still go out, un-masked to mamak stalls or just hanging around. sadly, it's still hazy as it was in the afternoon. the fact you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. it's like the wind or the Holy Spirit. it doesn't mean they're not there when you can't see it!

for those who want to experince how is it like to be in a haze-like situation, read the below;

How to create a hazy enviroment:
1. lock yourself in your own room.
2. stuff all available air outlet with cotton.
3. light up a pack of cigaratte (normal, lite, menthol, it doesn't matter.)
4. stay in the room for more than three hours.
5. in an case of emergency (i.e. vomiting, fainting), get out of the room.

advices to all would be take good care of your health by drinking a lot of water, be indoors most of the time, and pray for the rain to come. though, hailstorm would be nice as well.

speaking of indoors, does anyone have a air-conditoned rock for me to stay in?

Love & Peace!~



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but i didn't copy from yours, Alex.

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shersquared said...

hellos bernard, interesting post you have there... *cough cough*. Never knew Justin had a good friend like you ;] Can't wait to meet you. Take care, n God Bless.

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hey, Sher Mayne!

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