Tuesday, August 09, 2005

11 days.

it's Tuesday, the 9th of August 2005. and it has been 11 days. 11 days since i left home... for a new one!

for your information, i've now moved to SRI PETALING! i know it's old news, but it's something worth telling, or must be told for that matter. for example, it would be funny for friends of mine who wanted to make a surprise visit to my house in Bukit Indah, Ampang, only to be shocked to see unfamiliar faces greeting them at the gate. and i wish i was there to see the expression on their faces.

moving is not easy. going away from where you are comfortable and know well like the back of your palm to a strange, foreign place, with unfamiliar faces. a change of enviroment would be culture shock to people, if you're unfamiliar with the surroundings. for me, i used to have many Malay neighbours in my neighbourhood. and now, there are more Chinese all around me. not really surprised, since it's like that in where i'm studying.

and for me, who has been staying in Ampang as long as i could remember, i've now moved to somewhere i'm totally clueless about. i've only heard of Sri Petaling when i was in secondary school, been to Bukit Jalil with my schoolmates once and discovered that Zhi-Yong and his brother, U-Liang lived there. then, Sri Petaling isn't something prominent to me. i've never wandered around that area before.

but now, staying for more than a decade of staying in Bukit Indah, i find myself staying in Sri Petaling. once an insignificant area is now my where i call home. i have to discover what Sri Petaling is all about. where's the best place to go mamaking, where to go for dinner, where to get my supply of comics, etc. it's rediscovering your area all over again.

being attached to Bukit Indah for so long, i felt that part of me is still stuck there. all those memories i have staying there. thinking of them makes me smile. heart-aches and good times. it seems like yesterday when my dad asked us to move to Sri Petaling. i only wish i had spent more time doing the things i like. another round of teh ais at the Caltex mamak. another visit to Aik Seng Supermarket for some snacks. another round of nasi goreng pattaya at the Malay stall. all those memories will still be with me.

but i'll still attend my youth meeting at Kevan's place, and attend church services and play the bass guitar in Revival Centre. but now, it takes a little longer to get there.

well, goodbye Ampang, hello Sri Petaling.

Love & Peace!~



efferstine said...

I so understand how you feel, Bernard boy. I've lived all my life (except the first 5 years) in Tmn Kosas..then suddenly bam, am in Puchong.

i miss RCKL.. sigh.

oliver said...

Hey if it takes so long to come why don't you just find a nearer place............? Anyhow you have a good attitude and willingness to sacrifice your time to come to church whether to play or not. so hang in there and take care. i don't know what to write so i'm going to stop..........

BlurChu? said...

but have you got the hang of living in Puchong yet, Joanne?

and got no bigger house in Ampang, OLIVER! hahaha!~