Monday, August 22, 2005

crash and burn!

well, metaphoricly, my computer is somewhat like this....

it has been a hectic week, but thank God the storm is over. i guess i should thank Him again for the strength, calmness, wisdoms and many surprises that happened throughout the week.

not only was i close to being burnout that earns this entry its title; but it's what happened to my computer at home.

just yesterday did my brothers and i discovered that the computer can't open Windows XP OS. we had to re-format the whole computer. and that means erasing all the files, and re-installing Windows into the computer.

it was unclear who casted the first stone, but each of us three brothers have a role to play in this catathropic event. whatever files and pictures that was stored in the computer is now gone. for me, it would be the pictures i took, mp3 files, some games, and assignments. thank goodness i've gotten myself a thumbdrive to save most of my stuff. and most of the pictures, from group photos to anime desktop theme, are retrievable from the Net. so, the damage to me wasn't critical.

the one who suffer most is Ernest, who kept one file too many in the computer. his part comprised of many pictures he took, the many movies and mp3 files he downloaded, and the many unknown files he has in the computer. hmm... sad, eh?

and the worse thing is that i have no internet connection at home till today! but i guess top priority is getting the computer up and running before getting the connection. perhaps Ernest can get the computer fixed, since he's on holiday now.

and for now, the university's internet lab is the next best thing to update my blog.

Love & Peace!~


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oliver said...

at least you had happens to everyone or in this case computers...........