Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Hairstyle.

This is the first entry for 2010! *Yeah*

To those of you re-entering school/college/university/life, happy studying and learning! While those in the working world, welcome back to work! If you're still bumming around, time to get a life!

Anyway, in December 2009, i promised Melissa D that i would get my haircut after Christmas (yes, once i proposed to her), but she insisted that i get it done as fast as possible. Anyway, i managed to leave it long enough (pun not intended) until i popped the question, and got my hair cut on Boxing Day.

My first benevolent act as her fiance!

Yes, this is a look of how much i didn't enjoy the haircut!

I look crazy... CRAZY!

Anyway, besides what i've said in my last post, i would like to improve on certain aspects of my life as well this year.

This includes:

- being more focused, disciplined and responsible for my actions and responsibilities given to me.

Yeah... i can't think of the other point that i wanted to share. But this will do lah.

Oh, and i might not be leaving my hair long for awhile... maybe in 10 years of more. We'll see how things go lah.

Love & Peace!~


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