Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a way to start the month/year.

The year kicked off with the church attacks in the country, and just this week, a teacher and five students from a vernacular school in Penang drowned after a dragon boat training accident.

Sad, isn't it.

I'll be posting up about the dragon boat incident soon, which i was indirectly disturbed.

Anyway, i wanted to post this picture up a couple of weeks ago, the light of the church attacks. Better late than never, here is the picture:


Apparently this is a picture taken from a church in Java, Indonesia. So, what's the fuss about using that one word (and several others) in the country? Making a mountain out of a mole hill or fear of losing dominance over the people?

In the end, besides having oxygen, water, food, clothes and a roof over our head to survive, we need love. And if i can add, a mutual understanding for one another, respect and

Love & Peace!~


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