Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a way to start the year - part 2

Today, it's a week since the tragedy occurred - an accident which claimed six lives, a teacher and five students from Chung Ling High School, who might not have lived their lives to the fullest.

Who knew on that Sunday morning, while carrying out a routine weekly practice, these people would drown and never see another sunrise? Parents, friends, schoolmates, dragon boat enthusiasts and almost the whole nation (even politicians) mourned the deaths of these young people.

I suppose everyone who were present at the scene were (directly or indirectly) affected. I, who was covering the scene as well, was somewhat affected; i came home with sunburn around my neck, and an earful from my boss in KL for a mistake which i didn't do, but could have prevented. *sigh* but let's not talk about that.

In a situation like this, emotions are high, and people are trying to pin the problem on another, blaming them for allowing such a tragedy to happen.

But then again, it's an accident - not an event orchestrated by man for his own benefit. There are many things to ponder about.

Perhaps they should not have practiced at the seafront in the first place.
Perhaps they should not have gone another round of training.
Perhaps they should have all been geared up for the occasion.
Perhaps they should have listened to instructions from their (late) adviser.
Perhaps the authorities should have been strict on the training venue.
Perhaps land reclamation should not have taken place not too far from the scene, which could have caused strong undercurrent.

There are many speculations and possibilities of what could been. But it does not change history, that six lives were taken too soon; marking a black history here in the state.

The best thing to do, is to learn from this and try to avoid such accident from happening again.

Love & Peace!~


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