Friday, January 29, 2010

The Rojak Series #21

It's been awhile since i did a TRS, where i clump together a series of events in one entry. Anyway, here's the first for 2010, which i've done in ala diary writing:

1. Jan 26

My colleague Hani gave birth to a girl, the second addition to her family. We were shocked that what suppose to be a routine check-up turned into a delivery instead.

With her absence, we noticed that there were many things left undone, and felt that this one colleague, who deals with many things in the office, is somewhat irreplaceable.

Well, hope we can survive for the next two months without her.

Jan 27

I realised when state authorities tries to right a wrong, it comes with opposition from several quarters of the public.

This was evidently seen in the attempt demolition of an illegal beach structure in Tanjung Bungah, which some claimed to serve as a tourists attraction.

Several people protested when the local authorities came to finish the demolition job. The owner was not happy, saying he'll lose his source of income of eight years. Heard of Do Re Mi Cafe? I've passed by it once, and surprise to find out that dude actually made a three-storey treehouse on the beach!

At a press conference, a group of angry people vented their frustration against the state government, saying they are cooking up a plan. What's the plan? It'll be shown in due time.

*sigh* I pity those who try to make a living. But the other question is, should we let unjust and ignorance prevail? Should the authorities continue to turn a blind eye towards mistakes done in the past?

Jan 28

Both my fiancee and i have been together in this courtship for one and a half years! I wonder if people think it's too early for us to get married as we embarked on this journey for only so long?

I enjoy the (good and bad) times being with her, and loving and caring for her daily. I thank God for her.

Anyway, i was thinking of replacing my bass guitar strings, which have not been changed for over 3 years. And as the team was practising for service at night, i broke my fourth bass string! Talk about timing!

Jan 29

Woke up to the strange smell of Indian fragrant oil, which oddly made its way to my room on the eleventh floor. Thaipusam is coming, and devotees have began with their procession, and one can expect jam, jam and more jam around the island over this weekend.

Happy Thaipusam to readers celebrating the occasion.

I'm now sitting down in McD in Greenlane, as i'm sipping tea and typing this entry. Apparently, my laptop has issues - once i turned it on, it gave me the default settings, and i had to reinstall several application. *sigh*

Well, the day is still young, and i have a lot to do, including getting the car checked, buying bass guitar strings and meeting my dear for lunch later!

Hope you have a good day ahead!

Love & Peace!~


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