Wednesday, January 06, 2010


On Monday night, my fiancee and i had dinner with Jolene at Nando's, and we had fun time chatting about the hectic life back in UTAR when both Jolene and myself were dealing with the Talent Time in early 2007, about wedding, family and other things.

Just now, the both of us had dinner with Carmel, and had a good chat. Among the things we talked about included family. To be specific, family members that has passed away.

Anyway, i just pondered about my extended family; how's my relationship with them.

The relationship i have with my dad and my brothers is good, better than what it was several years back, when i just started off in UTAR. And i try to improve on it.

I do not have any grandparents anymore. And when it comes to my extended family, I'm in contact with Aunty Karen, my mom's sister, as well as her family. She, Uncle Ong and my cousins, Joel, Justin and Victor migrated to Hong Kong more than a decade ago, and are happy there. Joel's currently studying in the LA.

On my dad side, my family meet up with them every now and then during Chinese New Year, as well as the Buddhist 'Kitchen God' festival. But we're not that close.

Meanwhile, besides Aunty Karen and family, i've not been in contact with relatives from my mom side. Ironic, as i'm now on the island, where most of them also live. The only time i did see them was somewhere in the middle of 2008, when i just drop by their shop and had a short chat with my uncle and aunty; my mom's older siblings. However, there's not much connection or communication there.

And there has been very little communication, since my mom leave us for heaven more than a decade ago.

Well, I don't know what they think of my family now. Maybe i should try and meet up with them, one day.

Love & Peace!~


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