Saturday, December 05, 2009

This past week....

As i'm typing this entry, the West Ham United vs Manchester United match is on tv, with Melissa D watching it, along with several thousand of Malaysian fans, in their (or their friends') homes or Mamak outlet.

Earlier, both of Melissa D and i met up with Giam for late dinner and had a nice chat about work in KL and other things. I'm so grateful he's up here now, or i'll be the only operative on the field here on the island for the next two weeks... together with my cameraman! Currently, my colleague is on maternal leave while my boss will be going off to India. But Giam is indeed a godsend, and i'll try my best to work together with him!

Before meeting up with Giam, we were at Melissa D's grandparents there, where her relatives had a potluck there, since one of her relative from US is back, and another came up to the island from KL with her family. Wish we brought the watermelon to dinner... maybe next time.

During the past week, my boss and i were covering the state assembly sitting here, and so did Melissa D and the other counterparts. It was dramatic, with the demonstration with the Chief Minister Lmi Guan Eng's portrait being burned, and the newspaper shooting scene and 'butt show' by the Head Opposition Datuk Azhar Ibrahim. It was dramatic indeed. It was fun, while it lasted.

After covering that for four days, Melissa D and i awarded ourselves with by watching movies and a shopping spree. On Friday, we watched Ninja Assassin and Astro Boy (almost) back to back at Queensbay Mall. Ninja Assassin was graphic and gore, not for the weak-hearted, and best viewed on DVD, if one would want to see maximum violent carnage. On the other hand, Astro Boy was a heart-warming 3D animation story, suitable for all children, although it was slightly modified from Tezuka Osamo's original manga.

Later, we bought several other things, including a pair of sneakers each, some books, and a six-CD Christmas complication set, which was a bargain!

Getting sleepy now. And Christmas is coming! Don't you feel the excitement?

Love & Peace!~


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