Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the first Day of Christmas, the Good Lord gave to me, One Beautiful Fiancee!~

Both Melissa D and i are now engaged!

The proposal was made on Christmas Day in church, at the end of the church service. With everyone present witnessing the event, i knelt on one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. And she said, "YES!"

It was overwhelming. Melissa, myself, and some among the congregation had tears welling up in our eyes.

Pastors said i've set a high standard in proposal among guys in the church, and i wonder if i've created enemies by doing so.

I'll update more on this later (and hopefully, with pictures!) For now, i've gotta go catch my ride back to KL soon!~

Happy Boxing Day, people!~

Love & Peace!~



YT said...


So, when is the Big Day?

We were teasing Mel about this during Steven and Opalyn's baby full moon party. And it happens even faster than what we "predicted" hahaha~

Melissa D said...

LOL who knew eh ;)

Anyways thanks. The whole thing still feels surreal, but it's slowly sinking in ;)

Kimmie ^^ Li Yun said...


Sincere wish that both of you will live happily ever after~~~

yinandyang said...

Bernard!!! Congratssss!! I am so happy for you. Have you guys set a date ?

Munawwir Khan @ Mooney said...

Congrats on the engagement bernard. May u two be happy for always.

BlurChu? said...

Thanks, people!~

We have yet to set a date! But we're taking a year or more to plan. But hopefully, it'll be before 2012.