Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 looms closer!

Soon, it'll be December, and soon, we'll bid goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010. And if the Mayans are right, we've got a couple of years to enjoy before the world as it is, seizes to exist!

Melissa D, Joshua el-Lamo and myself watch 2012 last Friday, and it was mind-blowing. If earth were to end like this, peasants like us are very well doomed... unless if you're staying in Africa or you have 1 billion Euros (watch the movie, and you'll understand)! I think this movie made it into the 'Top 10 Must Watch Movie for 2009', for me, at least.

Besides that, the three of us, include many of our CG members, the youths and the rest of the church were involved with the Vacation Bible School, themed Crocodile Dock. I was there for the last three days, helping out in the Gator Games station, and it was sure fun... and very tiring. In fact, on the last day (yesterday), i had a bad headache and almost puked.

But i'm all up for next year's VBS, which will be held in June.

Anyway, there's the State Assembly sitting tomorrow, and from what i've heard, there will be fireworks (and blood?!). So, Melissa D, myself and our fellow counterparts are all psyched up for this!

And Christmas is coming, followed by the New Year! Yikes! So many things to do, so little time!~

Love & Peace!~


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