Sunday, December 13, 2009

It does bother me....

How do you write a testimony? A life story about how you became who you are as you are changed, once you've accepted Christ in your life?

Up to today, this have been nudging me, constantly. I'm stuck to a wall when i'm called to do so.

Honestly, i've been in a 'Christian family' since i was born, and i accepted Jesus into my life during a church youth camp in 1997. I was baptised in Form 3, together with Justin Botak and a few other friends.

I think if i have to share something, it would be about how i survived several incidents in the past, between 2006 and 2007, all thanks to God's grace.

One of the incidents, of course, involved the car accident which left me with a broken right humerus. It was a painful experience, but i did learn something from it, from the physical, emotional and mental aspects. I thank God i'm still alive.

Yesterday night, i volunteered in my friend Sharon's kindergarten as Santa Claus, something which i don't believe in. And the kids keep rushing forward with their hands open as they keep asking for the sweets i given out. It's like giving out free currency to them!

And currently, i'm recovering from a sore-throat, which still does bother me, a bit.

Love & Peace!~


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