Sunday, November 01, 2009

Before November caught us by surprise!

Yesterday was Halloween. Not to mention it was the end of the month before November decided to jump on us! And before we can blink our eyes, December will loom by, singing Christmas carols with its belly full of jelly.

Well, yesterday both Melissa D and i bought a quart of Blue Raspberry Sherbet and Hokey Pokey ice-cream from Baskin (with 31% discount, of course), and it was good. I think we'll slowly enjoy it for the next few days to come.

Earlier in the morning of the same day, we jogged in Linear Park. The weather was good, but i was a little tired as we bowled a couple of games the night before with our Cell Group members at Bukit Jambul; need to improve and score more points.

To make matters worse, we played badminton with our friends in the workline on Wednesday, and it did a number on us as we did not warm up or cool down properly that night. To add salt to the wound, both of us argued (yes, we occasionally do that) and we were not at our peak. But thank God all's settled, love prevails, God's mercy reigns and we're grinning from ear to ear as we hold each other's hand.

In mid-October, i manage to purchase a DIY book shelf and with a screw-driver and a drink, i got it assembled under 30 minutes. I feel like buying more things to assemble! Hmmm... perhaps when i move to another place.

The book shelf

At about the same time, i bought a mattress, and i'm happy with it!
I'm addicted to MouseHunt on facebook, and i'm happy with it!
I've got a girlfriend who cares for me and a job which helps me pay the bills, and i'm happy with that!
I've got family members and friends who cares for me, and i'm happy with that!
I'm happy about a lot of things in life, and i'm happy with that!

These a five things (actually, seven), that i can think of now, which i can thank God for.

Oh, my papa and Ernest will be coming up this weekend to meet me, Melissa D and her parents. Now, i need to try to persuade Rowen to come along. I pray all will go well. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Love & Peace!~


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