Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Her Birthday.

Last Saturday, Melissa D celebrated her birthday.

Trying my best to be a good boyfriend, i organised a few things. Among them a surprise celebration after the combined Cell Group at church on the eve of her birthday, and dinner on her birthday.

I had a few other things planned, but i think i'll use them for another occasion, or her next birthday. After all, i can't use all my good cards in one sitting, ya?

Got some pictures up facebook, and this is one of them (pix by Dr Matt):

Me bringing the cake to both Melissa D (second from right) and Megan (second from left) as Joshua eLamo (right) plays the guitar.

Melissa (centre) and Megan (right) cutting the birthday 'cake-wannabe'. Me standing left as i held the cake up.

On the night of her birthday, the both of us had Japanese dinner at Miruko in G Hotel. The service was good, portions were small, and it was overpriced. Looks like we would be going to Sakae Sushi more often, but nonetheless, we had fun!~

Earlier that same day, we went jogging and picked her aunt, who arrived from US, from the airport. I had to go to church the same afternoon. I was dead tired that day!

Oh, and her sister-in-law just gave birth to a healthy baby on Monday... Jeshurun was his name, or was it Emmanuel? But i think both names are in, but i'm clueless about which comes first.

Love & Peace!~


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