Friday, November 20, 2009


Last Sunday night, i did just that.

After having lunch at Mizi Bistro with Melissa D and her parents, together with my papa and Ernest, who were up here last weekend, i was a little tired.

After seeing my family off, i then rested at Melissa's place. I vomited at her place later at night, not to mentioned having a headache at the same time.

A few months back, i threw up at my work place as well, and had to take leave office early. Not so good experience.

But there are a few things i learnt from this experiences:

1. When you're feeling like something's moving up your esophagus, you could end up throwing up.

2. If you're saliva suddenly tastes a sour, you're definitely going to puke in seconds.

3. Stand as close to the toilet bowl (bucket, or where you are going to puke) as possible.

4. Bend down, keep your head as far away from your body to avoid chunks landing on your attire.

5. Wash your mouth properly after each episode. Take mints, if possible.

In the end of the day, i don't enjoy throwing up. Neither do pregnant women or chemotherapy patients. It blows chunks (pun not intended).

Love & Peace!~


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