Monday, November 09, 2009


This has been going on for awhile, but it has become more annoying, distracting and agonising - how people can back stab another in his/her presence by posting up hurtful comments, thanks to technology via Facebook.

Not sure why these people can do something like this. Do they find joy in putting down others? Are these people covering up their own insecurities by mocking others? Does bitter heart only spew bitter words? Are they cowards in facing others? Only they would know.

Both Melissa D and i are refraining from making 'mocking' and unkind statements on Facebook, but rather, post up encouraging and uplifting ones. We can try. With all bad things going on in the world, don't people need good things in their lives?

I read this manga Pluto, by Urasawa Naoki, which is superb. One of the most beautiful phrases spoken by Gesicht was, "Nothing is born out of hatred." And it's true.

I believe these people are also entitled to God's love, and mercy and grace, and everyone should treat one another with love (Luke 6:31).

With God's strength, i pray that i can be a source of positivity to the people around me, impacting them with God's love.

I try.

Love & Peace!~


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Nemo said...

To refute that manga quote, you obviously don't watch star wars. Everyone knows "hatred leads to suffering..." Also, hatred leads to more hate, anger, vengeance, ill-will, resentment etc.

Still, bernard my man, you have always been one of the least negative persons I know. Keep it up bro.

Also from yoda. "Do, or do not. There is no try"

- Nemo