Thursday, February 05, 2009

Killer Instinct.

Recently, i'm rediscovered a long-lost passion that i once had many years ago... the urge to kill. To be exact, the urge to kill mosquitoes.

I enjoy the occasional swatting of mozzies by clapping them between my palms, between my palm and the nearest wall or even by using one hand to 'catch' them. Oh, the joy of seeing them squashed, as blood oozes out of their body!

As of late, my room here on the island has been 'infested' with these creatures. And i jerk awake almost every night, to discover that there are mosquito bites all over my hands and legs. At one time, i discovered that there were at least twenty bites on my left arm alone!

To make matters worse, they were also hovering around in the bathroom. I had to take measures into my own hands!

I decided to stand up to these intruders, and swatted them in the bathroom and bedroom. I could easily kill up to ten mozzies at one go... and oh, was it thrilling!~

Earlier this week, i had to buy mosquito spray and the high-frequency repellent; sprayed my room and turned the device on. And the past few night, i wore my hoodie to bed, on warm nights, just to cover my arms!

Now, with my room stinking of aerosol, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be less blood-suckers around... or i could risk cutting my own number of days. *sigh*

Hmmm... i wonder whether this is a sign that i should look for another place to stay. I wonder.

Love & Peace!~


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