Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kena tag on facebook!

Note: I've been tagged (on facebook) and feel free to do this tag, even if you're not tagged.

Below are 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

1. My full name is Bernard Cheah Hock Kwee; i acknowledge my Chinese name, but i don't like it.

2. I'm an English man stuck in a Chinese man's body! Hence, i'm a banana.

3. I love manga and anime a lot - can be hooked to it till i forget to take meals!

4. Spent 11 years of my life in Methodist Boys' School, KL (primary and secondary).

5. In my first relationship with Melissa D, loving it and feel so darn happy! Praying it will lead to marriage.

6. Graduated from UTAR with Degree in Mass Comm (Hons) Journalism - 2nd Class Upper. But had two years of my life 'wasted' before i pursue Mass Comm.

7. An optimist who tries to be realistic, looks at life with half-glass full.

8.Tied my hair in the past, and waiting for it to grow now!

9. Have a facebook account, type 'Bernard Cheah' and you will be able to access my profile.

10. Enjoys swimming and long walks, besides cooking, eating and reading.

11. Have been working for over a year in a job that i enjoy doing, which involves observing and reporting events and information to the masses.

12. Believes that love is a choice and a feeling, where neither head or heart rules, but they synergise together to produce the best.

13. Loves pizza and spaghetti - can eat these everyday!

14. The only place i been overseas was Hong Kong.

15. Among nicknames called by others include BC, Nard Nard, Bernie, Besar, etc.

16. Until today, i do not understand how women think or why they act they way they do.

17. Opts for tea anytime of the day, since i don't go well with coffee.

18. Plays the bass guitar now, but used to learn violin and piano in primary school.

19. Enjoys spending quality time with people around me - it's one of my two love languages.

20. I love animals because they are cute and tasty.

21. Dark blue is his favourite color.

22. Brushes my teeth with my left hand.

23. Among the few pinks i approve is the Pink Panther, pink of health and sirap bandung.

24. My brother, Rowen, is exactly 13 months younger than me, while the youngest, Ernest is about three years.

25. Life has taught me to respect the fairer sex and treat them better.


Love & Peace!~


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