Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day To Show Love To The Ones You Care Part 2: Timeless.

Yesterday evening, after work, Melissa D and i hanged around Gurney Plaza for dinner and to walk around. There, she insisted on getting me a Valentine's Day gift, since i got her one.

I agreed on getting a watch as well, a fair deal since i got her one. So, after looking around several shops in Gurney, we decided to go to Chain City watch shop. While we munched dinner on the go, we entered the shop, and got the watch.

And i must say, i like the watch. Besides the fact that it looks somewhat funky in design, has both digital and analogue time with light function, this Smash! watch was on sale, 50% off! Hence, it was a deal!

I told her, "Let's go to your room, on your bed. Turn off the lights, go under the blanket... and check out this watch that lights up in the dark!"

She then stared at me, calling me lame! HAHAHA!~

Doesn't this look, cool?

After admiring and thanking Melissa D for the watch, she then shared a thought with me, saying, "Although we don't enjoy buying expensive things for our own self, we do not mind spending more for our family and friends."

She was so true, and that's another thing we have in common. (I think many of you sees her as generous and kind, i think i'll still be labeled 'cheap, cheap and very cheap!')

And there is so much more to learn about her, and everyday is a new day where i can learn something else about my dear and love her even more, as God continue guiding us in this relationship.

I believe in the end of the day, relationship isn't easy. Ask anyone being in one, either courting, engaged or married - relationship takes a lot of effort, understanding and love to make it happened.

But I love being with the love of my life!

Love & Peace!~


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