Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emo... it can be hilarious (but not if you're the emo dude!)

Below is an interesting (and somewhat entertaining) video clip showing a woman who missed her flight, and it has received about 4.5 million hits. You might label it 'invasion of privacy', and whoever posted this clip up might be sued. But till then, check it out:

Why is she acting like this? Beats me. But HERE is the story behind the clip.

Maybe she was just going through the phase.
Maybe she needed to be get back to attend to something urgent (she wanted to visit her dying sister, by the way).
Maybe she was just acting purely based on emotions.
Maybe she was desperate?

I believe sometimes people can just be emotionally and do things they do not mean to do. Or maybe, they just want to be emotional?

One can say something, and totally turn it around the next day. Changes his/her mind and disputing facts faster than you can double check them - cakap tak sama bikin.

There are times, i just wonder why some people do what they do, or say those things which they don't mean at all.

It's best to be careful of what you do, and how you act. But most importantly, say what you mean, and mean what you say, quoting from prominent someone here on the island.

If my advice doesn't sound like "please grow up and be a mature person", i would say please think carefully of what you plan to do. If not, you might end up being a joke (or a good video clip over the Internet!)

If you're reading my blog on a long, dry day, hope you're entertained, and have a nice day.

Love & Peace!~


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