Wednesday, October 15, 2008

X - How Much I Miss You.

I can't believe time passed by in a glimpse.
Left for heaven, leaving the rest behind
One day, i wish i could see you again
Valuable gem in my heart you are indeed
Eyes fills up with tears, as i think of you
You have guided me even up to that very day
One part of me, is left empty for eternity
Unknowingly however, you made me a better person.
My princess, i wish this beau could meet you.
A Queen of My heart, you'll always be to me....

Love & Peace!~



Simpleton said...

Dude, ur like super duper jiwang! hahaah.

Anyways, always loved your style of writing. Don't be surprised if i come to u for some inspirations.

Take care!

daosapau a.k.a Jenn said...


BlurChu? said...

Hey, Bernard Yee and Jenn!

Thanks for the support. It's hard to muster to write this, but this is the best i can do lah.