Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tagged: 10 random things

Got tagged by Abigail Tan.

1. He can going on watching anime or reading manga and skip a meal.

2. The only pink he enjoys is Sirap Bandung Ice, Pink Panther, Pink of Health and Pink Floyd

3. Tried to play the piano and violin when he was much younger.

4. Prefers long hair to short hair, and in natural black.

5. Has an addiction to sweet things (including Melissa D!)

6. Believes everyone is selfish, or to be politically correct, has his/her own agenda in anything he/she does.

7. He goes to work wearing sandals, keeps a pair of leather shoes in the car.

8. Enjoys spending time with friends and having good chats.

9. Is very stingy when it comes to spending money for myself.

10. Cannot drink coffee, so settles for tea instead.

Who i'm tagging? Sui Li, Dewgem, Tan Jo-Anne, Daniel Sim, Julius, Justin Yap, Cheong Keen, Oliver, Megan and Joshua!

Spreading the love.... Have a nice day!

Love & Peace!~


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