Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wet Sock Revisited: Continuous Downpour

It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days. It's no fun. It's depressing when it rain, because it's depressing.

As fun as it is to walk under showers (like what my boss here occasionally does), it isn't as exciting when you walk in a heavy downpour, because if you're not swept away by the rushing waters in the drain, you might actually risk getting strike by lightning. Well, i think i'm tall enough, even if i don't swing a golf club!

I believe everyone on this island (and perhaps on mainland as well) cringe at the sight of dark clouds and strong winds approaching. Don't expect light showers, as these rains might actually bring along flash floods to low-land areas. And when that happens, many aren't happy.

I dare say in the past two month, there has been flash flood at an average rate of once in two weeks!


And it rained again today.

The picture above laments another tale of the same depressing note.

Nope, i'm not showing off the fact that i got a new dry-cell car battery, which costed RM170. Instead, i had purchase it to replace the one which got stolen on Monday night!

Someone jacked my car, parked outside Melissa D's flats, and i had to stay at her place overnight (no... no hanky-panky happened overnight!) It was so frustrating, having to spend MONEY for my car battery.

Being in this line of work, you can get beaten up by victim's family, sued by state assemblyman, humiliated via some CCTV, and (this takes the cake) detained under the dumb Idiotic Stupid Act!

And apparently, you are not excluded from getting your car battery stolen as well!

To look at the brighter side of things, at least i wasn't injured.

I could still move around and get my job done with my car.
I'm not injured or did i lose any limbs.
Melissa D and her family are safe and sound.
No oil was ciphered from my car.
Tires are still okay.
I'm still alive.

If only it would look brighter tomorrow morning!

Love & Peace!~


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