Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hijacked Generosity : A Blog Action Day Post

Many times, as i walk down the road here in this country, i would notice these three things; rubbish on the side walk, annoying cars illegally parked by the road, and beggars begging for alms sitting on the road. I find the first two annoying. The third, rather disturbing. Yet, i sympathise them for their well being.

Why are they like that? With dirty all over their faces, smelly, and begging for sens for their next meal, and perhaps for hungry mouths to feed. Living in cardboard box homes and by the side of the street, they at times, go around asking for charity from others.

Yes, they're asking for some change to eat a decent meal, which could last them for a couple of days. But is that true? What if these people are just misusing people's generosity to purchase packs of smokes, bottles of booze or even drugs? Wouldn't then, you they be killing themselves slowly?

But the worst of all, is the fact that some beggars are doing it for a living, making it rich. Yes, by collecting change for about 10 hours or so per day in dirty clothes, can collect perhaps thousands of ringgit per day, and even depositing cash into banks while eating Nasi Kandar with fried chicken and sotong curry happily with his family. Not to forget, he can still splurge on getting the latest handphone! Don't you feel cheated?!

Earlier this month, there was a news article on this beggar who had RM9,000 in hand, and over Rm12,000 in his bank account; all collected from the kind general public.

How unfair is that? While normal people work their back to get decent pay, these people slyly live off their hard earn pay by playing the sympathetic card and sometimes, even hurt themselves and leave their limbs bleeding, to garner more cash.

Not to forget, perhaps there are syndicates using these 'poor people' to raise funds for their illegal works. And many other dark reasons.

This is why sometimes, people are sometimes heartless, leaving the people suffering in poverty cashless, and begging for mercy from passerbys.

But then again, aren't we suppose to help the helpless? If you can read this entry, think of these;
Do you have a comfortable bed to sleep on?
Do you have food to keep yourself filled for the next few hours?
Do you have money in your pocket to purchase books or the latest tech gadget?
Do you have a nice roof over your head to protect you from rain or shine?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, I believe, many of us are well off to care for the poor and needy. No matter how many deceivers and liars are out there waiting to cheat the innocent, i believe this shouldn't be the reason to stop one from being cold hearted.

I remember a pastor saying that she randomly gives beggars every now and then money, so that her heart wouldn't be stone cold. I find that noble.

So, the next time you want to give a beggar some cash to feed his (and his family's stomachs), just hope that it's for food, and nothing else.

Love & Peace!~


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