Monday, May 05, 2008

When words can fail you.

I can't believe i made a fool of myself in front of the Chief Minister! I could just said "I don't understand Chinese!" instead of just blankly staring back at Guan Eng. *argh* If the Chinese daily reporter did not intervene and said something, it would have been a long, awkward silence. Long enough that i wish the earth would have split open and just swallow me up lah.

If only i had just spoken up, i would have done justice to myself.

But there are times you just wished you did not do some things - case in hand is the teenager who commented about DAP chairperson Karpal Singh that he should be killed on a website.

In his comment posted on a website, the youth stated something like "darah Karpal halal dibunuh" (it's justifiable for him to be killed)

Anyone in their right mind would file a police report against this commentator, and that was what the Gelugor MP did!

Of course, a few days later, after realising the fact that his dumb comment would jeopardize his future, the commentator sent a letter to Karpal asking him to withdraw the police report.

However, according to Karpal, he could not retract what he has reported, as this would amount to giving false police report. However, he wrote a letter to the Attorney General, hoping that the case against the teenager would not be prosecuted, since the AG has the authority to do so.

Karpal said that he has forgiven the teenager. And since the teenager was sincere in his letter, he said that writing a letter to the AG would be the next best thing lah.

The Lion of Gelugor is not only fierce, but merciful as well. Kinda reminds me of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia!

But at the end of the day, it's best to be careful of your own actions, or words.

If only conversation can be easily translated into understandable terms, like what happened in The Forbidden Kingdom:

Jason Tripitikas: I can't understand you.
Lu Yan: That's because you're not listening!

Love & Peace!~


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OMG u did what>??

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