Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Rojak Series #18 (Ver.1.3)

Anyway, here is the TRS that I promised earlier:

1. The weekend before last weekend

I did mention before that I wanted to go back home for the weekend (May 16 – 18), and yes, I did go back.

It was rather fast, and I manage to see Rowen and his cellulitis infected shin. And i haven't been back home for over 50 days. But it’ll just summarise it lah.

Rowen, my dad and I went out for lunch at this BBQ eatery owned by my schoolmate’s father. My dad knows his father as they served in the school’s PTA before, while my friend, Joel Wong, was closer to Rowen that I was to him. Anyway, had a good meal there and had a good chat there. I might go back there one day.

At night, I surprised my Homegroup members by dropping by. And was surprised by the fact that they threw a secret party (brainchild of new newest member Shannon) for Fergarsen, Julius, and Sui Li. Click HERE for more details on the milo-coated incident.

Later after that, I was at Wern Jun’s place, where we chatted, played with her dog Snowy, grabbed a bite a McDonald’s and later exchange MP3s via Bluetooth till the wee hours of the morning. I can’t believe I dropped more that half my fries, three pieces of nuggets and my cup of Coke all over the floor, after trying to playful ‘salvage’ the leftover fries from the table. *argh*

With Play-doh and the Ironman craze influencing me, i came out with this in Wern Jun's place. And underneath it is...

Spongebob Squarepants' good friend Patrick!

1.2 Saturday
After reaching home early in the morning, I decided to sleep in for the day. If it wasn’t Pek Mei who called me to go out, that afternoon would be pretty empty.

But she did, and we had lunch in Citrus Park nearby her place. She then told me about her lovely work, her pushy, sadistic boss, and her situation. It then came upon me that having a good boss (and even colleagues) do play a role in one’s satisfaction and performance. I’m glad and thankful for mine.

Later at night, me and the family had dinner at Cowboy Delight in Taman Billion.

And at that night was the same night where my dad sent me the dumb SMS… oh, boy!

1.3 Sunday
When to church on that rainy morning, and after that, Justin, Kevan, Rowen and myself had a lunch at a small Indian Banana Leaf stall nearby church. We talked about handphones, cars, animes and a bunch of other stuff before we had to leave to our business. I had to prepare to get back here on the island.

It was when I met this chap, who was heading back to Bayan Lepas for work as well. And well, this week, I discovered several reporters from the Chinese daily are in fact from Selangor! I guess I’m not the only one placed here, away from home to work.

2. Last weekend

2. 1. First Time

Last Saturday was my first time ever seeing an orchestra perform. I had a chance to see the Penang Symphony Orchestra perform at Dewan Sri Pinang for a charity concert, and i must say, it was beautiful! And when some of my friends decided to leave during the interval, I decided to stay on, and it was worth it.

Tenor David Ngim was one of the superb voices who performed that night

The Penang Symphony Orchestra

To see the ensemble play in unison, and the vocals were superb! Among the songs performed included River Moon, Amapola and also songs from Phantom of The Opera, West Side Stories and others.

It was a blast!

2. 2. Sunday
After attending church, I bumped into Anna Tan and Joanne Lee on the way out, which later turned into an invitation for lunch at Chili Corner on Nagor Road. The food there was good, and I wouldn’t mind going there again in the future.

Green Chicken Curry

Tom Yam Fish

A very tempura fried spinach

I was suppose to meet Melissa D, a friend in the same line of work, for Ironman the same night, but she was involved in a minor ‘bumpy’ accident, and had to cancel it for the day.

Fortunately, there was an extra space for me to join Anna, Joanne and a few others for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull that night. The movie wasn’t up to expectation, like what many movie reviewers wrote.

But there, I got to meet Anna’s friends, among them is Clarene, whom I had a crush on once, when I was still studying. And yeah, she still looks pretty even though she got her hair straightened.

2. 3. The next day
After work, I finally got to watch Ironman with Melissa D. Reached Gurney Plaza (again) and got the tickets, and walked around in MPH before dinner at Manila Place, before heading into the cinema. I realised that I needed to read more books, and invest in them. Oh well….

Melissa D's cabonara spaghetti

This is a horrible picture of the teriyaki chicken rice i had, which tasted better than it looked!

Watching Ironman the first time was awesome. But watching it this time around again was worth it, as after the movie ended, both Melissa and I stayed back to watch the short clip after the credits, which featured Nicy Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) in it, who proposed to Tony Stark (Robest Downey Jr.) about the Avenger Initiative!

Hmmm... i think i'll be down here for a longer time. Let's see when i'll be back down again.

"...How long 'til the world will be completed
How many times will history repeat it
How long will it take
How long
How long
I want to go, will you
Show me the way...."

Taken from Lifehouse's How Long

Love & Peace!~


ashkenne said...




My beauuutiiifuulll Clarene!!! *shocked*


BlurChu? said...

Yes yes.

Had a crush on your baeutiful Clarene!


anna said...

Ahaha... sorryla, Clarene's taken.

Btw, it wasn't fish head, and it wasn't curry... It's just tomyam fish! Hehe.

Melissa D. as in Melissa Darlene Chow? From RGBC / MGS?

BlurChu? said...

yes, duly noted, Anna.

Bout both Clarene's status and the tomyam.

And yes, that Melissa. She's from there? I would have to ask her bout that.