Thursday, May 15, 2008

(Tolong) Mind Your Language

Sometimes, you need to be careful of the information you find on the Internet.

For example, you really need a laugh at translation into our country's national language, you have to check THIS LINK. Thank goodness it has been editted!

If you were to read the whole article, it talks about the national sausage, i mean, bahasa kebangsaan, editted by some joker who passed off as a contributer who wanted a laugh, at the expend of the national sausage language.

How ridiculous was the translation?

Well, let's just say Teman Lelaki isn't rapist, Saya sakit is not I suck, nor Awak babi is anywhere near a thank you!

This reminded me on the Wikipedia scandal which happened last year, where this former contributer EssJay who made false claims about his academic qualifications and professional experiences, and this deception had impact on the perceptions of Wikipedia (and its policies and credibility), and the quality of decisions made in his promotion, support, and employment. In layman's words, the controversy cracked the reputation Wikipedia has.

Now you know why lecturers don't approve information found on this open content encyclopedia website. Click HERE and HERE for more info on the Essjay story.

So, minta tolong that you check where your facts are from, ok?

Love & Peace!~


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