Thursday, May 08, 2008

Small, small world!

People are connected to others, sometimes very unexpectedly, and sometimes shocking!

I learnt this when i met up with my friends last year.

The three of us, Hui Wen, Jocelyn and myself ate at Seoul Garden here in Gurney Plaza early last week.

Mmmm... barbeque! With the steamboat in the middle.

And i would say it's worth going there if you're planning to have a barbeque buffet with tonnes of meat.

Oh, meat cooked to perfection.

I haven't seen Hui Wen since she graduated from UTAR about two years ago. So, it has been awhile since we did some follow-up. But before meeting up with her, while i was working here, i found out that her dad was a politician!

Yes, her dad was a former state assemblyman, who lost in the recent general election. I asked her about it, and she said her dad was state assemblyman for one term in an area on this island for a term. And now that he lost the sit to Jason Ong, her dad is rather free, and goes for many, many political party meeting or just hang around with his friend.

Ironically, now that he has spare time with the family, both Hui Wen and her mom are busy at work.

But what really surprised me was the fact that her dad wasn't the only one who was in politics; her uncle was as well.

Her uncle is the state assemblyman for his constituency on mainland once again, and now a state exco. And when she told me who her uncle was, i was just shocked! It happened to be one of my favourite excos here!

I really couldn't believe it. Now i know a friend whose uncle in part of the state government! What a small, small world!

Hui Wen (left) and Jocelyn (right) with the hot plate in between. Oh yeah, and some side characters too.

Hui Wen and I

Love & Peace!~



jr said...

Dude. U lost weight man!

BlurChu? said...

Huh, really?!

Some people said i've gained weight. Hmmm... i wonder....


Jo-Anne said...

food....glorious food....